19+ Easy Christmas Tree Decor With Lighting Ideas

Once you have your Christmas tree up in your house, it may be all too tempting to rush into putting all the other decorations on the tree before the lights or at least it’s a temptation for overly excited children. The first thing you should always decorate your tree with is lights and that’s after testing that they work and if you have old lights you may want to invest in a more modern set as they’re safer and use less power. But what kind of lights do you buy?

Depends on your Tree’s Decoration Scheme

What lights you have on your tree is dependent on the kind of decorations you’ll be putting on afterwards. If you have children in the house, then it’ll be a nice idea to use lights that are shaped into something Christmassy as it’s likely that the tree will feature a lot of Christmas characters. So for a child friendly tree, you’ll be looking at tree, Father Christmas or reindeer shaped lights.